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SPC Content-Plugin

The SPC file format is often used for storing spectroscopic data (like NIR-, MIR-, Raman-, NMR-, Fluorescence- and UV/VIS spectra) and is designed by Thermo Fisher Scientific (originally Galactic Industries).

C. Appel & C. R. Moschner from the ILV are proud to present a little SPC Content-Plugin (ilv_spc.wdx), which allows Total Commander users to manage SPC spectroscopic data in an easy & efficient way.

Download SPC Content Plugin

Name of plugin: ilv_spc.wdx
Last update: 2008-12-03 (new & fast version)

The software is provided “as is” with NO WARRANTY of any kind & the use of the software is at YOUR OWN RISK!!! The software is Postcardware. So if you like this SPC content plugin please send a postcard to:
C. Appel & C. R. Moschner, Christian-Albrechts University, ILV, Olshausenstrasse 40, 24098 Kiel, Germany

How to install the plugin:

1. Unzip the plugin to a directory of your choice.
2. In Total Commander choose “Configuration -> Options -> Plugins -> Configure Content Plugins”
3. Click on “Add “
4. Choose “ilv-spc.wdx” and click “OK”

How to use the plugin:

You can use the ILV-SPC plugin to structure your “custom columns” or for renaming lots of spectra-files at once with the "Multi-Rename-Tool".

Custom columns:
(In Total Commander choose “Configuration -> Options -> custom columns”)
Click “New” to create your own custom columns. Then “Add Column” and choose the requested parameter from the ilv_spc plugin list; therefore click on “[+]”. Name the configuration of your custom columns and click on “OK”.

(In Total Commander choose “Files -> Multi-Rename-Tool”)
To rename marked spectra-files you can choose the requested parameter from the ilv_spc plugin list (Plugin button).

Description of parameters

VERY IMPORTANT: There are two different types of information parameters. The first one contains the SPC file format specific data. The second type contains additional information in the Log Text block of the file and is depending on the type of spectrometer/software. Of the endless variants of Log Text data of course only some are included in this ilv_spc plugin.
The ilv_spc plugin performs a fast extraction of the SPC file format specific data but it is slower while extracting the additional information in the Log Text block. That’s why it is a good suggestion to create different custom columns for the file format specific data or for the additional text information, respectively.

For detailed description of the parameters used in ilv_spc plugin please look at the documentation (ilv_spc content plugin.pdf) in the zip-file (

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Spectroscopy software Spekwin32 written by Dr. Friedrich Menges.